Black Cloud – A small nation built around their enigmatic leader, a man with the power to nearly rival a god’s.

Deshari Empirium – Prizing those individuals with a yearning to improve their skill and knowledge beyond others this nation bases respect upon merit and accomplishments.

Empirium of Chleth – This monarchy controls power through an ingrained belief that hierarchy is established by the privilege inherited from an individual’s ancestry.

Redathi States – Ambition drives this republic that thrives on the bustle of capitalism guided by a level-handed bureaucracy, which inspires entrepreneurs towards further development and innovation.

Ythel – An evolution of the Ythelian conclave, this society flourished by their focus on pacifism and communication.

City States

Dignis Revali – Better known as “that magic place” to the plebs, this institution is based in the Arcum Novelum where research into the eldritch is yields advances in the arcane field.

Gargamoto – Ruled by a megalomaniac, this regrettable city thrives off its strategic position along an otherwise barren coast between Ythel, Redathi, and the Arcum Novelum.

Kurumlu – An order of militants who spend their time in worship on a small island. Few are eager to disturb their otherworldly focus, and those that are disciplined in regret.


The Uncouth – These discrete villages, towns, and hamlets make up the free people who reside in the areas outside of civilization. Wanting nothing to do with society they merely ask the same.

The Frostborn – Recessed in the far north of Cambron are the tribes of


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