Grannin – Deity of charity, he is the giver and receiver. Lawful good

The Untitled – It functions as the defender of justice, providing those who pray to it an equitable fate. Lawful neutral

Jirha – Subjection could have no better archetype. She yearns to bring down all through binding terms. Lawful evil

Ten’dross – God of discovery, he inspires those with the desire to give and knowledge to those who seek to cast off their limitations. Neutral good

Emora – The goddess of humanity, source of life and death, as she is both beautiful and tragic. True neutral

Carin – Befitting the god of death, he was destroyed by the others before his powers grew to the point that he overwhelmed his peers. Neutral Evil

En – Entity of creation, a spirit of growth through destruction. Chaotic good

Fa – Primordial of evolution, commonly referred to as the fay. Chaotic neutral

Ro – Maelstrom of destruction, this raging force gives shape to demons. Chaotic evil


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