The Horror of Old Genessa

Sometimes during a heist the most difficult part is not keeping quiet, but staying alive.

The destruction of Genessa heralded the end of the Old Cleth Empirium and the start of a new force: the Deshari Empirium. As the flames of chaos roiled under the dome shielding the Royal quarter Adastra Zon, a relative of Queen Sellina, rallied her closest friend and a cadre of loyal troops in retreat. After a fierce battle the group were able to escape, meeting up with four mercenaries leading a group of royals from the demon filled corridors of death that now ruled the alleys and streets of the district.

These four had a story of their own…

Korgul, Warryn, Heskan, and Luusi where there originally for business less than savory. Tipped off by a another jealous royal about a minor artifact. The crooks had secured the Goldstone and had almost escaped the estate without alerting patrols, although one of the estate guards did have an extraordinary tale of seeing demons and hearing alluring voices on the grounds that night, when demons erupted upon the scene. The hired guards on site were slaughtered within seconds. The thieves persevered though, defeating the demons after a battle where two of the four ended up unconscious from the demands of combat.

In the end the rogues entered into the services of a group of desperate nobles, who provided them with an oil of magical enchantment in exchange, and giving up on stealth fled past Adrasta Zon, in battle with a giant conglomeration of bodies animated by demons and a man cackling over a portal that spewed forth the wicked ilk that plagued the inner city. Finally they came to the gate where a giant demon lay in wait. This is where they came face to face with Andrasta Zon. Once again seizing opportunity by the short hairs, the scoundrels availed themselves to the warrior princess and slew the demon guarding the exit. Zon quickly released the barrier for them and her party, allowing them to exit the area which had previously been sealed by the unnerved soldiers holding at the gate. Leveling scathing words at the craven sentries, Zon dismissed Korgul, Warryn, Heskan, and Lussi and gathered fresh warriors to with the intent of re-securing the besieged district.

The retaking of Genessa would last more than a month and the would require the help of Zan Harren and the Red Cloaks. From the ashes and death in the city would rise the Deshari Empirium, much to the anger of Masra Sellina, who lead the remnants of the Royals who still held allegiance to lineage of old royalty…. but that is another history lesson.


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